Wednesday, August 12, 2009

meteor shower

alone on my back
between midnight and morning,
I wait and shiver
against the freezing wind.

my eyes fixed on the deep above
through frame of roof and treetop

it begins.

first one…
then three…
I lose count
they come so quickly

tiny bits of cosmic (more than ancient)
dust on a journey too vast,
for a time too great
to be grasped by the humbled creature
I have suddenly become.

so beautiful the flaring streaks of light.
so elegant their arc and curve.
each blaze a brief and brilliant

not a

what was
is no more.

and I watch in wonder,
in growing terror
that such a thing should be

so silent.

november 2006


Taylor said...

I've never thought about meteors in such a way...

You've given me a new perspective, for which I'm always grateful!

Woman in a Window said...

It's the end that gives this poem its punch. Perfect.

Athelas said...

Did I see your reflection in the sky?
Did you see mine?