Thursday, October 28, 2010

super shorts

holding a poem
in my mouth
i fold the laundry

(my first attempt at a lune)

the lizard with no tail 
tells his tale
without a word

he has met the cat

(an old favorite)

      is short
      is so long
I  wait
      in the quiet

(another from the archives)

we want.
we yearn.
we long
  to burn.

 and yet
  we fear

    the fire.


David Agnew said...

I am smiling at that first one.

I will continue to smile while I am folding my own laundry this afternoon


jonnia said...

You must know something of how that feels, I would think - holding the words and ideas gently, but firmly lest they escape! Thank you for stopping in.

christopher said...

You are such a fine lady poet...I matched your ideas and now I am dancing with you. :D I didn't ask permission, daring you to slap my face. It would be worth it!

Doing The Wash

Right in the middle
of folding my worn out wash,
my ragged old shorts,
I thought of your lines
and started this new poem,
you napping nearby.
It's about a cat
with her satisfied Cheshire
grin and her supple
tail twitching about,
or it's about time passing
and about the flame
between us, warming
the whole world and this longing
we might choose to hide.

jonnia said...

Christopher, you are in fine form today!!! I don't think you missed anything at all. No slap in the face this time. I'll just toss a towel over and you can help. ;o)

christopher said...

Jonnia, the final poem has you dozing instead of napping. :)

And at first I tried to have the lizard's tail in it instead of the cat's tail but it was going to take too much explaining. So I missed the lizard and that left only the cat. :(