Tuesday, February 17, 2009

on a good day

I like to walk out
to the ragged edge of my sanity
and hang my toes over the crumbling
lip of reason.
Hair whipping wild about my head
in the sweet-sour updraft
from the deep beyond me,

I raise my arms and shout

daring the wind
to show some muscle.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a darker set of wings

There is a hole
in my house where
the wasp crawls in
again and again

I spend
countless hours
catching it up
in an empty glass
to let it fly free
in the garden
but it never
fails to

even so
I cannot bring
myself to crush




Tuesday, February 3, 2009

meteor shower

alone on my back
between midnight and morning,
I wait and shiver
against freezing fingers of wind
slipping up between boards of the deck.

my eyes fixed on the deep above
through frame of roof and treetop

it begins.

first one…
then three…
I lose count
they come so quickly

tiny bits of cosmic (more than ancient)
dust on a journey too vast,
for a time too great
to be grasped by the humbled creature
I have suddenly become.

so beautiful the flaring streaks of light.
so elegant their arc and curve.
each blaze a brief and brilliant

not a

what was
is no more.

and I watch in wonder,
in growing terror
that such a thing should be
so silent.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

i swallowed it

Small dark sliver
of glossy black
pulled from a crack
in the sidewalk

Strange, it seemed
a living liquid thing
in my hand,
silently singing
its siren song,
too lovely
to ignore.

A swift slip
down my throat
and the heat of it
settled and spread
in my belly,
filling me up
with a hollow

From ache to pain
this gnawing swells
so quickly I can
hardly breathe,

and I try to quell
the panic as I cannot
help but wonder
just exactly


might satisfy
this hunger.