Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hoover Dam

Hands chest-high on concrete
I lean over and out
and the bottom of my soul
swings open...

tumbling untethered
in the eternal grace between
beyond the time of place
in joyous song
a swirling dance
exquisitely undone...

I push back hard with trembling breath.
Afraid of falling, he says with gentle knowing.

I blink at tears of longing
and say nothing.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The King and I

In motel breezeway buzzing light
in the cooling air of descending night
I was stopped just short of the ice machine
by the glistening black of the apparent king
of every earthly cockroach.

He faced me square,
the hint of a dare
in the tilt of his tiny head –
his body raised.
Antennea waved
as if curious I had not fled.

Thus we stood for two beats or three
Till I realized what was required of me.
I bowed my head briefly,
begging his pardon
and asking his leave to pass through.
With a curt nod, he turned
to march away…

I laughed
and lifted my shoe.