Saturday, February 12, 2011

for kramer

it’s okay, old friend,
if you cannot stand.
let me bring your dinner
closer. let me sit beside you
while you lick the bowl clean. here,
take a little water.

easy now, and I will lift
your fragile frame
from this hard floor
and set you back upon
your bed, your fur
and bones no burden to my arms.
my heart, another matter.

bear with me now before
you sleep. meet my eyes
with yours and let me hold
your head in my hands
for just a moment more.

gently now, I will unfasten
the collar against your throat.
there will be no need of it where you go.

my dear friend of almost 16 years


David Agnew said...


Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

Awwwww. Beautiful and sad. I have lost pets and know that they very much a part of your family.

Chris said...

Bittersweet -- especially as my 15-year-old Buddy sleeps near my chair. Prayers for peace for you.

(Sorry -- I didn't mean for my comment to be anonymous.)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I got here. I click around. But I think I used to read you in that otherSpace, so I probably found you by way of Tim or Suzanne.

For Kramer dissolved me. My terrier/schnauzer mix, Uncle Joe, died in 2002-- but you mention the removal of the collar and I'm right back there, in the middle of all that heartache.

This grief is particularly well-written.

Tim Morris said...

oh touching! i'm sorry to hear about your puppy. i know how hard that is. but, it did give you this lovely poem.

Bashirhasan007 said...

well said,it shows your loves towards your pet....

Paul said...

A sad and moving tribute.

Shirley Alexander said...

"No need for a leash"

This is beautifully expressed. So much love.

kbteachem said...

(tears)... Eloquently written.

CSR said...

beautiful... tears are inmy eyes... not from sadness... from the beauty here.