Saturday, May 14, 2011


   to him 

so melodic the notes
   so elegant his throat
      as he lifts his head to sing

how eloquent the turning
   of each trill
his range
   his repertoire
      and skill

but the hard
   dark shine
      of his eyes
and the sharpened
play cold
      to this beauty

do not be


Anonymous said...

This one is really beautiful. I keep on reading it over and over again.

David Agnew said...

I know people like that!! :)

Jonnia Smith said...

Thank you, eyeseeingfuture! I am so glad you enjoyed.

Ah, David, I know a few also. You learn to keep a bit of distance!

Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

You have such excellent work. You should really post more often!

Jonnia Smith said...

Thank you, Jennifer. ;o)