Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We gave in that day
to laughter
long and delicious,
not at all our usual

We lifted up a rare and
precious music
together surrendering to
simple delight
as the canopy of green spilled
innocence down in
droplets of blessing.

But the walls that had so long shielded my spirit,
built stone by stone of remembered pain,
mortared with shadows and secrets
by long labor of my own hands,
fell away
some way
in this Sharing.

Startled, my smile began to falter…

In that moment,

I saw you

for the first time
in years

and my heart swelled
to sudden pain,
to the light.


David Agnew said...

There is always pain when that carefully constructed wall starts to crumble.
But relief too.
Terrific poem


Jonnia Smith said...

At times, I think we grow so accustomed to our walls that we forget they exist. This one desperately needed to fall.

Thank you, sir.

Tim Morris said...

Bittersweet reunions. I've had so many. This is a beautiful poem that captures that...heartbreak?...perfectly.

geeta singh said...

amazing poem..v nice !!

kbteachem said...

We try so hard to fortify the walls around us but the freedom lies in the collapse of the very same. A very insightful piece.