Monday, January 3, 2011

pencil-thin line

I did well today.

   my finger lightly traces

     the ridge above my eye

       perfectly, pleasingly

      absolutely smooth

   as I reflect…

I did not cry today.

I did not yell.

I did not panic under pressure.

Yes, it was a good day altogether.

   my finger lightly traces

      the ridge above my eye

        still warm with the lingering sting

      of far too much attention

   as I wonder…

Will I do as well


And how much time

might be required

for an eyebrow

to re-grow?


David Agnew said...

You made me smile with this one - I love the gentle humour in it

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

This one made me giggle. :)

Jonnia Smith said...

I think it's funny, too, but I actually DID this once, scaring myself quite a bit! There is a word for it - trichotillomania. I've since taken to twirling little strands of my hair instead, whenever the nervous energy threatens. A little less caffeine makes a difference, as well!